Raul Esquivel / 25 / Los Angeles / California / 818 / Designer / Illustrator / Front-End Developer / Musician / Producer / Song-Writer / Photographer / Author / Amateur Astronomer /

Personal Projects


    Dance / Funk / Pop

    A creative outlet in which I can experiment writing music in different genres I occasionally mess around with from time to time.

  • I Am The Galaxy

    Instrumental Metalcore

    The longest running project of them all. Started up when I was 15. Has undergone various name changes. Can melt your face off.

  • Esquivel Type Foundry

    Fonts & Design Assets

    A type foundry I started up as a way to give back to the design community.

  • The Mind & Time Method

    A Book About My Creative Process

    Learn how to use your mind & time to work in your favor and help you get things done.

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