Last weekend was quite the adventure. After the nonstop rain we had the last few weeks, I somehow ended up at Monster Jam in Angel Stadium. My mom purchased the tickets a couple weeks prior. This was before we knew it was going to be raining on the actual date of the event. I already made up my mind that I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to sit in the rain out in the open.

But with enough convincing and some thought on my end, I figured this was more fun and eventful that the alternative activity I had planned, which was literally just staying home and sitting on the couch watching YouTube videos.

So we prepared before heading out by wearing extra jackets and rain coats and bringing some ear plugs just in case. Once we arrived, it was madness. This was my second time ever visiting a baseball stadium, and first time ever visiting Angel Stadium, let alone in the rain and at night.

Once we found parking, we realized that we had no clue where to go so we just followed a herd of people and asked around how to get to our seats. After what seemed like eternity spent walking around, we finally made it to our seats, which were actually conveniently covered from the rain. The seats were a little snug though but we made it work.

The event had just barely begun as we got to our seats. After a rather slow start, things really started to pick up and get more hype as the night went on. Lots of crowd favorites did their runs and lots of cool tricks. Even a few crashes and flip-overs. But overall it was an extremely fun night and event with my family and friends.

Although I will say the prices they charge for concessions is highway robbery. 3 beers, 2 bags of chips and some peanut M&Ms were $90!!!