Today I’m turning 33. Yet another interesting year in the books. With every new year that passes I like to take some time on the morning of my birthday to reflect on what I did the previous year and set the intentions of what I have control over and what I want to do with this new year of life.

For the most part this past year was a good one. Life never turns out exactly how you think it will. Its full of fun surprises and some other not so fun surprises. But regardless, I’m still trying to get my mindset back to what it was before but some days are a bit harder. But make no mistake, I try every single day.

This creative spark I have inside me will never fade. Even though I am still searching for that next project or idea that truly makes me excited to get up early to work on it and go to bed late to work on it.

My main goal for this past year was really all about simplifying my life and getting rid of the excess thoughts on my mind that have been weighing me down.

I feel that I have set myself up to hit the ground running this year. The project I thought was going to be my passion project turned out to be more annoying the more I spent time on it. So I just stopped. I realized that my time and energy is way too valuable to spend it working on projects I’m not 100% inspired by. Even if that means going back on what I said I was going to do.

At the end of the day, I have always done things for myself with the goal of potentially inspiring a person or two along the way. I used to try a TON of different things and had my hand in all sorts of creative outlets.

My goal for this year is to return to that. I want to free up my creative mind and make things because I feel like it and not have to worry about boxing myself into a niche corner.

Yeah, my main passion in life is typography and design, but I also really love digital painting and writing music and experimenting with different art styles. Go back on my feed and you’ll see the VAST amount of variety of things I have done over the years. Even the 2018 Daily 365 project is proof enough.

So here’s to turning 33. I’m gonna give this year everything I’ve got.