With each year that passes, my birthday always becomes more and more of a day I take a step back to reflect on everything I’ve done so far leading up to it. This past year has been a strange series of events that had me trying to play catch up and find that “spark” inside of me that made being motivated and creative as easy as it used to be.

But I’ve come to realize recently that the thing I call a “spark” was not predicated on just being inspired to make things, it was dependent on showing up and having a proactive disciplined routine. Which is why these past few weeks and months have been extremely exciting and eye opening for me because I feel like I’m finally back on track to where I’m supposed to be going in life.

I’ve always had major goals I’ve worked towards that have helped guide me along for as long as I can remember and a lot of those goals have stayed the same. The only difference now is that things have become increasingly clearer the older and more experienced I get in life.

There’s still a lot more work I need to do to continue to improve myself as a person and creative, and with the tools and skills I’ve been developing over the years, it makes me excited for what I’m going to do this next year of life.