For as long as I’ve been on the platform, Patreon has been a open doorway to being able to pursue one of my goals as a designer, which is to share my passion and knowledge of typography and design with anyone who is seeking to learn more.

After multiple attempts of trying to start and maintain a Patreon that is sustainable and fulfilling, I finally refined it and found a perfect solution and balance that I feel will work this time around.

That’s why, as of today, I will be relaunching my typography and design-focused Patreon and offering source files for a few of my most recent pieces of work as well as new work I plan to make moving forward.

Tier 1 will get two of my most recent fonts, Bricke and Avantrum, as well as the fully layered vector source files for both.

Tier 2 will get the Chronas font family as well as the vector source file. Also the Illustrator and Photoshop source files for a custom typography design I made called “Hope Never Loses Us” + everything in Tier 1.

And lastly, Tier 3 will get the Illustrator and Photoshop source files for a retro custom typography design called LAZER + everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2.

So if any of this sounds cool, consider signing up! I have big plans going forward.

Like I said, my goal for running this Patreon is to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years of being obsessed with typography and to help any fellow designer become more comfortable with creating and working with typography.