So excited to finally have this done! I spent every available minute of every day working on getting this new shop up and running and as of this morning I put the final updated line of code in place and now I can say that it is done and ready to be shared with the world once again.

I’ve been in the merch game on and off since about 2010. Running a merch shop has literally never been about the money or even about getting people to buy stuff. Obviously I would like that but it’s actually more of another creative outlet for me to create things and put together ideas into collections and hope that a few people see some of my stuff and decide they want to buy it.

But above all else, the goal for me running a merch shop has always been a way to improve my skills and abilities as a designer. Every job I’ve ever gotten in my career was partly due to the vast amounts of self-initiated design work I’ve done for my various personal merch-related projects throughout the years.

And being a completely self-taught designer, it came with the struggle of having to find out things on your own and not having a direct hand to guide you. I had to figure out everything on my own. Coupled with my personal entrepreneurial curiosities, everything I learned about running a design business has come from trial and error and learning everything I can along the way.

So now that I once again have an actual place that is designed to house a lot of my new ideas, now is the time to actually get started on creating new merch collections and push myself even further.