Over the past couple of weeks I have gone down a rabbit hole that seems like it has no end. I have been trying to find a way to finally come up with a workflow that works with how crazy and wildly ambitious my brain is. I feel like I get close to the answer but every time I do I feel like I keep hitting a wall that I can’t push past. It’s more so the fact that I keep digging to try to find the answers on purpose but I keep finding new things that end up moving the goal post further and further ahead.

The strange thing is I find a reasonable course of action and I do some research into how to best go forward. In this case, how to build an email marketing campaign and grow my brand(s) and businesses. Once I realize what I need to do, my mind shuts down because I figure I need to have a product or service or incentive to build a campaign around. Which I do, but it’s not built out yet because I figure I should get the shell and automated flow of the campaign nailed down before I go any further. But then I go back and forth with myself as to what the best course of action is.

This is my gift and my curse. The fact that I am both a fairly logical and methodical thinker and can code and do logistical planning stuff, while at the same time be a creative thinker and problem solver and all around insane idea generator. My problem is the two sides of me are constantly clashing. I just can’t figure out where to begin sometimes. And it’s not out of fear or hesitation of failure. I’m fine with failing and trying something else out. What it really comes down to is not having a clear direction of an exact course of action that I can follow.

Since the majority of things I know how to do have been as a result of teaching myself and searching online for the answers, I don’t have any direct point of reference or resource that I can refer to because nobody I know is doing this kind of stuff or even remotely interested in any of it. And that’s perfectly fine. I enjoy learning stuff that is too intimidating for other people to take up for themselves. I just wish that I could find a way to get all of this stuff out of my head and organize it into a clear course of action.

I know eventually I will reach what I am after: mental clarity and a streamlined workflow that incorporates both the creative aspects of my work with the ability to create clear and direct forms of promotion and marketing for email and social media. It’s literally only a matter of time. I know I am really close to achieving this holy grail of productivity for myself. I just need to keep pushing through and not give up.