One of the things I’ve come to realize about waking up super early is that there isn’t much to worry about. Since I started my habit of waking up at 5am everyday almost 10 years ago, I’ve come to notice a couple of things.

The most obvious being that there aren’t that many people around. One of my favorite things to do on early mornings is to take a walk through the Griffith Park trails or through the top of Griffith Observatory. The remarkable contrast in available parking between early mornings and busy evenings is insane.

Which leads me to the second I’ve noticed, most people who are up this early on purpose are generally nicer to you. Countless times as I’m walking past other people on their routine morning runs or walks, I’m greeted with a generous “Good morning!” and a smile. Not only that but I also spend my fair share of time at coffee shops from super early in the morning to later in the afternoon. One thing I noticed is that the people who come in early are generally nicer and more upbeat at around 6-7am. While the people who come in around 8-10am are more grumpier and in a rush.

It’s one of the more amusing things I’ve noticed as a by product of my never-ending quest to get the most time and work out of my day.

Humans are funny.