I feel as though some things seem to finally be falling into place. I spend lots of time thinking about stuff I want to create and lately I’ve actually been following through more and more on getting those things done and launched. With the start of the year I finished my Daily 365 project and successfully turned it into a book and launched that as well. And immediately after, I started planning out things I wanted to include in my updated portfolio, which I just completed a few weeks ago.

I feel like I’m on a roll and I’m hoping I can keep that momentum going. Like I’ve talked about before, ever since completing the Daily 365 project, I feel good again for the first time in over a year where I can freely work on any project I put my mind to without the burden on having to complete or post something new each day. I’m really enjoying this and I am going to do whatever I can to maintain this mentality.

The next few things I need to work on are getting into a regular writing habit and planning out content for my personal brand and Eagle & Bison at least a month in advance. As of writing this, it is 5:18 am and I feel okay. I didn’t sleep entirely too well but I feel somewhat rested. Since the start of the year I’ve made a conscious effort to get back to waking up at my preferred time again of 5am. So far its been going great.

I wake up at my first alarm at 5 am, get out of bed and start getting ready and be done by 5:30-ish. Then I just hang out until 6:30 when I head out to try and beat traffic and hang out and eat and work on stuff at the Panera Bread in Studio City until 8 am and then I drive to work and work on my stuff there a bit more until I officially start working at 10 am. What I’m trying to figure out is how to optimize my time a bit more. I have a window from 5:30 to 6:30 to fit something else in there. Currently one of the things I’m considering is practicing guitar, since I feel bad that I rarely ever play guitar ever and I want to get my chops back up to speed. The other thing is this exact thing I’m doing now, which is writing.

Most likely I will probably end up doing a half hour for both, or maybe a trade-off where one day I play guitar for an hour and the other where I write for an hour. Either way, my main goal for now is to create more and more. I feel like I’m at my happiest when I am in work mode and can see progress in terms of getting projects done and moving onto the next.

So I guess we’ll see how this goes. There’s still lots more stuff I want to do but just finding the right time or right frame of mind to work on them is challenging. But I know I can get there. Just as long as I keep moving and keep making things that I’m proud of.