It’s mid-November. Leaves have started falling and the weather is changing. Daylight Saving Time is (finally) over and I’m stuck with, for the first time in a long time, no ideas and no motivation to get any work done. You can say it’s mostly my fault due to the fact I’ve recently purchased a Nintendo 3DS XL with Pokemon X and that has taken up a lot of my time lately. It’s strange though because I feel as though I need this break before all the holiday festivities begin. Thanksgiving is next week and the day of corporate melees of discounted prices known as Black Friday is surprisingly starting the same day. I for one will not be taking part in it this year to the extent I used to due to that very fact that stores are creepin’ up on my Thanksgiving and opening at 8pm ON THANKSGIVING. Which to me isn’t worth it at that point. I’d rather be home with family and friends than spend all day trying to save money on stuff by spending money (what?).

In short, I’ve got some thinking to do over the next few weeks about possibly shutting down one of my longest running projects. Still kinda debating it. Also I just hope I can finish Pokemon X ASAP so maybe I can get my mind back to what’s important and finish up some stuff I’ve left collecting dust. Like my A Circle For Sunday album! I still need to record my first single which I’m hoping to release on iTunes and Spotify sometime early next month and hopefully have the full album done by the end of the year.