Despite what I was talking about yesterday about not having motivation to do anything, I am still running off of a great high from spending time at BlizzCon 2013 2 weeks ago (speaking of which, I still need to go through and edit photos from that day). I spent almost the whole time at the Artist’s stage watching some amazingly talented Blizzard artists do their thing live on stage. I was so inspired after that experience that I immediately went home after one day and got to work on practicing my digital illustration skills. This piece below is one of my most recent ones since BlizzCon. I’ve made a few other things between BlizzCon and this one but they aren’t anything I’m really willing to show online since they were very rough pieces to get my skills back in place.

Anyway, hope y’all like this one. I’ve got a few more ideas for future pieces I’m going to explore over the next few weeks.