It’s that time of the year again. No, not the holiday season. I’m talking about me updating this damn site. I really suck at keeping up with these things, let alone with the Kardashians. (Kanye in, Lamar out) But now I’m in that certain mindset that lets me get back to these project that matter most to me. And some of those have been going fairly well up until now.

One thing I did recently was pick back up on AetherAeon and launched a full new series of poster prints that I had created over the summer. I’m really proud of this release in the sense that I started out selling these prints without even knowing how to ship posters. But I ended up doing all the necessary research and got everything sorted out in the end. I also made some long over-due design/functionality updates to the AetherAeon site which I am super excited about.

One major thing I’ve got on my plate is I’m finally working on writing and recording my first full-length album for A Circle For Sunday as well as doing a full top to bottom website overhaul. I’m really excited about both of these things because music has been one of my first loves and I feel as though I need to give it the proper care and attention I’ve given other projects. Plus this is something I’ve had on my to-do list for a long time and I know have enough material started or written to put out a full album hopefully by year’s end.

Another thing is that I’m finally getting back into doing more wood-burning and leather-crafting. I kinda stopped doing it for a few months because the summer heat this year was just brutal. Since I normally sit outside at a table in my backyard to do all of this, I just couldn’t stand (or sit?) to be outside for any extended period of time. But luckily now that the weather is cooling down here in L.A. I can get back into making cool stuff again. Plus it brings me back to the time late last year when I first got into doing stuff with wood, the weather was the same and the alone time was magnificent.

Anyway I’m done rambling now. Bye.