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A Moment Standing Still

Sometimes the best way to experience an environment is to stay still and listen to the ambient noise around you.

Live Unusual, Timelapse

Life In Miniature

Griffith Park has always been one of my favorite places to go to whenever I want to capture beautiful footage or photos of nature. On my most recent visit I decided to capture a 360º timelapse from ground level.

Live Unusual, Nature

A Leaf In A Tree

While wandering around Wildwood Canyon, I sometimes tend to look up into trees and watch things as they move in the wind. I found this particular branch interesting because it was almost bare and moving freely about in the wind.

Live Unusual, Timelapse

Wildwood Canyon 360º Timelapse

Here's a short 360º timelapse video i recorded while I was hanging out at Wildwood Canyon.

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The Foliage of Wildwood Canyon

One of my favorite local places to head to in the Valley when I need to relax and spend time in nature is Wildwood Canyon. Its a nice secluded hiking trail located in the hills of Burbank.

Live Unusual, Nature

The Sounds of Wildwood Canyon

On a brisk sunny day in between the very rare rain storms we sometimes get in Los Angeles, I made my way up to Wildwood Canyon in Burbank to take photos, videos and do some audio field recordings. Here's a short 9 minute clip of what its like to be there. I highly recommend putting on some headphones for this!

Live Unusual, Nature

Rainy Day in Sylmar

Today was yet another much needed rainy day in Los Angeles. I pretty much stayed home the entire day. I just got a brand new protective cover for my camera that allows me to use it in the rain. I decided to hang out in my front yard this morning and test it out with a quick little video.

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I’m 9131 Earth Days Old

What do the Hubble Space Telescope, Adobe Photoshop, Windows 3.0, and I all have in common? We were all released in 1990.

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Natural History Museum

Los Angeles, Photography, Stories

The Los Angeles Arboretum

I love nature. So much so that I enjoy wandering in it alone with only my thoughts and a camera to keep me company. And I did exactly that this past Saturday when I visited the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia, CA. It's an immensely beautiful 127-acre botanical garden which is home to a countless number of plants and wildlife. This was my second time visiting the Arboretum. I visited once before about 2 years ago with a friend of mine and it was an amazing experience now as it was back then.