Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about time and how I experience it. Most days just blissfully come and go with nothing more than a thought or theory about how uniquely privileged it is to be able to experience life and time. Other days my mind starts to aimlessly wander through my own thoughts looking for answers to questions I can’t find.

When I immerse myself in pensive thought, my mind begins to unravel as I start searching for inspiration inside myself. And in that journey I find memories that have since been hidden away that only now serve as the building blocks of my current life and as milestones I call upon when I ever find myself doubting my earned abilities.

What I am searching for is the version of myself I used to see myself becoming. A person who is strong-willed, curious, fearless and knowledgeable. Experiencing life and time simultaneously can make a clueless fool out of even the most confident person.

And with the speed at which one experiences time, it becomes easy to lose sight of what time teaches you.

Time continues to move forward and yet I am still here fixated on finding something from my past that will help make moving forward easier.

At times it feels like an endless chase, but I trust my judgment. I know that what I am searching for will be the key to getting myself back on track.