This past Sunday I woke up super early to hang out with my really cool friend Shannon (@thepiemaker), who I met during my visit to NASA JPL . Before the worldwide shut down that occurred in late March, we had made plans to do a casual photoshoot while roaming around the Natural History Museum. We obviously didn’t get a chance to go through with that shoot but hopefully we can once it opens up and things are a bit safer in LA.

After months of being safe by staying indoors, we finally made plans to meet up at Griffith Park and do a fun little socially distant shoot. It felt really nice to finally get outside and do some legit photography after not really touching any of my cameras since early May.

Below are a selection of some of my favorite shots. Since I’m still relatively new to doing people photography in general, we had no real plans as far as posing and backgrounds. We really just made do with what was around us. Aside from the fact that Shannon rode in on her really dope motorcycle so we clearly had to use that and ended up getting some really cool photos with it.

All photos below were taken with my Sony A7 using a Rokinon Cine DS 35mm T1.5 Lens