Oh look, another trip around the sun. Today i celebrate my 34th year of life. Somehow I’m still chillin and feel like things have been going pretty well. Obviously I’m getting up there in age but I still feel young. Despite how much more common it is to sometimes wake up with an ache in my back because I slept in an awkward position all night. But other than that, I’m doing and feeling good.

Lots of my goals still seem so far away but I guess that’s just life. A lot of the things that I thought I wanted to do and pursue just don’t seem sustainable in the long run. But thats probably just due to the fast paced motion of daily life that doesn’t allow me a sufficient amount of time to just sit and properly plan out a course of action with how to make my goals achievable and sustainable.

I recently also just went through a pretty rough burnout phase a couple weeks ago. It was a long time coming and for the most part I seemed to have come out on the other side of it and minimized the amount of time it took from realizing I was burnt out to acknowledging it and taking the steps to feel better.

I now feel excited to start working on fun stuff once again. I have been making more time to play guitar once again and have been learning new songs and recording covers pretty regularly. It’s been a nice change of pace from just being so overly focused on design 24/7.

While i am absolutely in love with being a designer, I inadvertently allowed that obsession to become something that affected every other aspect of my life in a negative way. Which is why I feel I became burned out in the first place,

Finding that healthy balance between doing what I love and taking the time to chill and allow my mind to not work so hard is something I’m learning to do more consciously every day.

And thats really what I feel I will focus on over this next year. Being kinder to myself while also not settling for less than what I know I am capable of. And also trying to keep in mind what my goals are and why I so desperately need to reach them.

Oh and going outside more. I feel like I’m always either home or in a building or a car. I need to go out and chill at a local park more often LOL