So this is a post I never intended to make so soon but given the circumstances with the world and how things are progressing, I felt for my mental health and sanity, it was best if I stopped working on this years Daily 365 project.

Working on a year long project like this is NOT easy. Especially when it starts to feel like a chore everyday. What was once a fun exciting project soon evolved into something I just wanted to get over with each day. And on top of that, trying to stay calm and optimistic that things in the world go back to the way they were definitely doesn’t help with how I already feel.

Even though I would love to say I have two Daily 365 projects under my belt, I feel like a one-and-done will suffice. 2018 was a great year for me and the feeling of accomplishment I had at the end was incredible. It’s something I wanted to recreate after the less than interesting year I had in 2019.

But while I am ending this project prematurely, this was mainly done so I could focus more on my longer-term projects that I inadvertently put on the back-burner in order to work on this.

Late last year I started really ramping up writing and world-building a graphic novel series that I aim to continue working on this year. Also the general writing I usually do for the Eagle & Bison website has dramatically suffered as a result of being too busy with the Daily 365. I aim to get back to that stuff again. Also working on full seasonal product releases again. I also plan to start writing more music again soon for my project @acircleforsunday

So as you can see, me ending the Daily 365 is not a bad thing in and of itself. I’m doing it because I can see the benefit in me choosing to stop it so that I can work on bigger and better things that don’t take up so much of my mind and time each and every day.

Staying true to what I did for January and February I will be making the 17 entries I made this month available as prints sometime over the next few days.