A few nights ago I had a dream that I was eating dinner at a Thai restaurant and had ordered a dessert dish called Mango Sticky Rice. I’m not exactly sure why I had this dream since I’ve only had it once before at a restaurant called Night Market back in December 2019. I remember I really liked it and have wanted to try it again so I think that’s why I had that dream. When I woke up it was obviously all I could think about. So I decided that I was going to visit a Thai restaurant I haven’t been to in a while located in downtown Burbank was after work.

So I arrived there at around 6:45pm and made my way through a nearby parking garage and walked down the street to the restaurant. I was seated and immediately looked through the menu to double check that they indeed serve Mango Sticky Rice. If I could have things my way, I would’ve ordered that first but I also wanted to eat some regular food. So I placed an order and waited patiently while they prepared my food.

It was a normal Monday night in the typically busy streets of Burbank. Lots of people walking around and a regular influx of people coming into the restaurant I was sitting in. I was seated between two tables, the table to my right had a young woman who was waiting for a friend to show up and the table to my left had two older gentlemen who I assume were off-duty cops who worked at the police station down the street based on the stuff I overheard from their conversation. The two women to my right were in the animation industry. A common profession of many people in and around Burbank.

After about 10-15 minutes, my food came out and I went to town. With each bite, all I could think of was eventually ordering that Mango Sticky Rice. I was dancing a careful dance balancing between not being too full to enjoy the Mango Sticky Rice and leaving enough food for it to make sense for me to take the rest home. After awhile of checking in on how I was feeling, I asked the waitress for a box to take the rest of my food to go and to place an order for Mango Sticky Rice.

Then she hit me with, “Oh sorry, we don’t have mango.”

And in that moment I felt like flipping over a table. I waited ALL DAY for this?? Needless to say I was incredibly disappointed but it is what it is.

So after that, I paid for my food and left. I figured maybe they were out for the day and decided that I would try again at a different Thai restaurant on a different day.