Over the years I’ve grown into a routine that I usually follow at least once every weekend where I wake up early and go to a coffee shop and do some personal work for a few hours and then go about the rest of my day. Typically I either go to Barnes & Noble in Burbank or at the Americana at Brand in Glendale and sometimes the Starbucks at the Empire Center in Burbank.

I’ve been going to those 3 spots in particular for almost 10 years out of habit mostly due to the fact that most of my best work and ideas have been worked on in those 3 spots. I spent a good majority of my time there with one of my friends from film school there meeting up once a week to work on our respective projects and to help each other out or to collaborate. We haven’t met up in a few months because life seems to get in the way but with the way my mind works, I feel most comfortable working out of any of those 3 locations more so than at home.

I’ve also met some amazing people hanging out there and randomly sparking up conversations. I see most of the same people every weekend who are like me and like to enjoy some coffee and work on stuff or read.

Since i’m a creature of habit, I tend to stick to locations I’m familiar with and comfortable in. I do have the urge to expand my list of locations and work out of new unfamiliar places but I feel like that needs to be done at a time I’m not working on super critical work. Because I’ll probably be focusing too much on driving to the place, finding parking, familiarizing myself with their menu, hopefully liking the coffee they have, connecting to their WIFI, and then seeing if the vibe is right in order to focus on work. Thinking about all of this just gives me anxiety.

Anyway, that’s a quick little insight on how I typically spend a Saturday.