A couple weeks ago, a few of my coworkers and I decided to do a happy hour at a brand new pizza/arcade/bar place that opened up down the street from our office called Game Over Pizza. Since we had just come back from a lengthy 2-week holiday break, we were still coming to terms with realizing that we had to get back into the flow of working again but needed to ease back into it. So we all decided to walk over at 5pm on a Thursday down to Sunset & La Brea to a small corner shopping center that is home to a sushi place, Thai restaurant, Starbucks, a couple random shops, and now a brand new barcade right in Hollywood.

Once we arrived we were greeted by a dimly lit store front with tons of bright retro lighting. Once inside you’re treated to an amalgamation of things that please the senses. The signature sounds of loud, popular 80’s music is the only thing you can hear paired with the overwhelming scent of freshly baked pizza that fills the air while the color-changing trim along the ceiling and walls guide your eyes to large TVs on either ends of the bar playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We ordered two large pizzas and I grabbed a round corner table where we just began to talk about anything other than work. Once the pizzas arrived, the waiter noticed we had 5 people in our party but both pizzas were cut into 4 large slices each so he gave us two free slices so that each of us had two slices. A super kind gesture that was greatly appreciated.

After we ate, we decided it was time to play some games on the cabinets. I had some extra cash in my wallet that I wanted to get rid of so I went to the coin machine and got some coins for everyone. We played a bunch of fun games until we all decided we should probably start heading back to the office to pick up our stuff and head home.

Overall, the place was great and is definitely a fun, calm, and chill place to hangout.