This year I attended the most conventions I have ever been to in a single year. DesignerCon 2019 marked the 7th and final convention of the year and my 2nd ever as press as well. The first one being LA Comic-Con earlier in the year.

I had always been interested in attending DesignerCon ever since I found out about it. With me being a designer and all, this convention clearly piqued my interest. Although going into it, I didn’t really know what to expect at all.

First of all, finding parking was an EXTREME challenge. I drove around for almost 40 minutes trying to find some place nearby to park. I ended up parking at a hotel parking structure and hoped my car wouldn’t get towed away. After I got my press badge I walked in and was immediately thrown into a huge room full of vendors with so many cool stuff on display.

I spent a good few hours roaming around trying my hardest not to spend too much money. I ended up scoring a few new pins for myself and some friends and met some really fun and cool people. I even came across a friend of mine whom I had no idea that he would have a table set up to sell his designs and artwork. So that was definitely a highlight of the whole day.

Another highlight was meeting Kyle from Johnny Cupcakes. I have been following her and the Johnny Cupcakes brand for quite a while now and she was nice enough to spend some time to chat with me and pose for a few photos in front of the JC booth.

Overall the entire day was so much fun. I absolutely look forward to attending the next DesignerCon. Next time I’ll come more prepared with to spend more money and potentially do some 1-on-1 interviews with some vendors.