I spend a lot of time thinking about time. It affects people differently. I used to be someone who was afraid of time and the unknowns that come with it. What will my life be like in one year? Two years? Five or ten years? There’s really no way of knowing. But your outlook on life and time is where you actually have more control than you think.

Living your life at the mercy of time is an easy life to live. Living your life in spite of time is much harder.

There’s lots of things that are lost to the circumstance of time. Either having too little or too much and taking it for granted. Memories fade and times of joy and sadness along with it. Loved ones leave us. Moments of happiness become milestones to reminisce. The ever advancing hands of time spare no one and nothing.

But that’s where the beauty of time lies. The mystery of time, and what it may bring, is what should drive you to do what you want to do. We say we’ll do that thing tomorrow or next week or someday but tomorrow is never guaranteed. The fact that you have total control over what you want to do or say or become is the greatest gift that time could give us.

Who you are today is a culmination of your past thoughts and actions. Who you want to become tomorrow starts with what you’re willing to do today.