Doing new things for the sake of not going insane from boredom can be hard. It seems as though you try to live out perfect scenarios of things you want to do or places you want to see in your mind but you get so caught up in your own mind that at times you feel almost content with the imaginary trip you just took in your own mind. You feel less compelled to do something if you spend too much time dwelling on the idea in your head than if you actually went out and did it.

Here’s an example:

This morning I took a nice stroll through the Hollywood & Highland Center. Now this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing. At least not entirely. I’ve actually been contemplating this little early morning adventure for quite a few months. And the reason being is I thought about going so much that I felt content in how I felt while thinking about it that it felt as though that was good enough for me. That desire to explore kept fading away the longer I thought about it. And that’s where I’ve figured out the problem lies within me.

Believe me, there are countless places I want to go and I never end up going to. I mask myself as an introvert when in reality I’m an ambivert. I enjoy alone time but need the occasional outside interactions you only get by being out and about in public.

And that’s where this morning comes to play. Right now I’ve found myself between projects and a new found interest in photography and shooting video. I haven’t thought about my little Hollywood trip in a few weeks so last night I decided to just get it over with and take a walk down Hollywood Blvd. And I did just that. With no real time to dwell on the idea or even think about other things I could be working on, because in reality I don’t have any pending projects that require my immediate attention, I decided to exit off the 101 South at Hollywood Blvd and park at the Hollywood & Highland Center.

Surprisingly (or not) everything was quiet and empty. The only people walking around were the janitorial staff and the occasional tourist or two. I made my way down the large staircase towards Hollywood Blvd and began walking up towards Orange right past the Chinese Theater and Madame Tussauds. I saw a few people on their morning walks and a couple more tourists. Nothing really much goes on at 7am in Hollywood apparently.