Another rainy weekend here in Los Angeles and I’m stuck indoors. It’s not all bad though. Staying home forces me to work on stuff I tend to procrastinate and get lots of important work and relaxation done. Although I do that anyway on any given weekend. It’s kind of lame when I have no say in the matter.

Rainy days in L.A. are far and few between so I’m definitely grateful we are actually getting rain because it allows the hills and dry brush areas to regrow. The inconvenience of driving in the rain is a small blip in the overall well being of our city. Besides, driving in the rain isn’t all that bad. It is, however, other drivers who make driving in the rain unbearable. But that’s just the Californian in me airing out my grievances.

But I digress. Rainy days are great but I wish I could be outside and not worry about my socks getting wet or my car hydro-planing.