Time is a strange concept to me. It’s probably one of the few things I always think about and wonder what the origins of it were. Time to me seems like one of the hardest and most difficult concepts to grasp from a very questionable and expanded point of view. But in the end I just snap out of it and look at my phone to see what time it is.

But hey! Would you look at that? 2013 is over and it still feels like a novelty to me. I did so much in just this year alone that I feel I easily outdid myself from last year. I got a lot of stuff done and accomplished quite a few thing I set out to do. One thing I never want to feel is that I’m wasting my time by sitting around and doing nothing. I alone choose what I want to, what new things I want to learn, what goals I want to set, what places I want to visit, what things I want to experience, etc…

I can’t really put a title on what this year was mostly about but what seems to be a recurring theme every year is learning and doing. Those two things I seem to do fairly often. I definitely did some new things I can easily say I’m proud I did. Started up some new projects, learned new techniques, became more focused and determined in everything I do, and even had to let some projects go.

Here’s a brief timeline of events of a few things I did this year that were pretty cool:


• Released my first ever acoustic A Circle For Sunday EP called “10 Ways To Scare A Ghost” worldwide on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, AmazonMP3, Rdio, etc…


• Played an acoustic Valentines day show
• Released a new I Am The Galaxy track


• Discovered that some people think I look like Marcus Mumford


• Relaunched my photography portfolio site Modern Heartist
• Relaunched the I Am The Galaxy site
• Launched new wood-burning and lettering project Demonic Presents
• Played two acoustic shows
• Bought a Creed album


• After months of work, relaunched esquiveltype.com (the site you’re currently on)
• Watched the 1931 version of Dracula


• Turned 23 years old!
• Designed and released my first typeface, Isomoth
• Recorded and released a new track for I Am The Galaxy called “A Form Of War”
• Got 2 of my poster prints featured on Abduzeedo’s Daily Inspiration #1482


• Released my first digital space matte painting in over 4 years
• Got my poster print “When Only The Grey Makes Sense” featured on CreativeBloQ and their iPad app Design Spring
• Released my second typeface “Knell”


• Went to the Natural History Museum for the first time
• Saw the Space Shuttle Endeavor up close at the California Science Center
• Relaunched my clothing/design company AetherAeon


• Bought Grand Theft Auto V


• Went to Las Vegas
• Took a cab in Las Vegas
• Redesigned the AetherAeon site and updated the store with new poster prints
• Became a member and donor of the Griffith Observatory
• Became a member of the Planetary Society
• Wrote and recorded a ton of new material for future A Circle For Sunday songs


• Released my third typeface “Goodway Slab”
• Went to BlizzCon 2013!!
• Had my face broadcast continuously to millions of people worldwide via DirecTV while sitting front row at the Opening Ceremony at BlizzCon 2013
• Visited the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia after almost 15 years
• Canceled my gym membership
• Shut down AetherAeon after 4 years of semi-nonstop work
• Bought a Wacom Cintiq 13HD


• Attended my first Holiday Party for members of the Griffith Observatory
• Went on my third Something Massive work retreat
• Played an acoustic show at Poolside
• Launched the new Store section of esquiveltype.com
• Released a new premium version of my first font Isomoth Pro
• Started writing my first Photoshop tutorial

Wow! What A ride this year has been. Definitely did not realize I had done this much until now. Planning on doing a whole lot more next year with making more fonts and design assets and writing more tutorials and making more music and playing new shows. Can’t wait until same time next year so I can look back all the new things I will do.