At least once a year I get the genius idea to create an entire line of themed merch and spend weeks on end working on it nonstop until I finally launch everything. This year was no different. With all the strange stuff that has happened this year so far, I knew that I wanted to stay excited for the start of my favorite time of the year, which starts with Halloween and ends right around February.

So I spent a significant amount of time actually drawing out full concepts for merch. Something I’ve never actually done to this degree. Usually I go straight into designing everything in Adobe Illustrator with paths, shapes, and text. But this year I spent a majority of my time In Photoshop drawing and texturing illustrations for spooky concepts I had come up with.

I’m so glad I decided to do it this way because I ended up created some of my most favorite artwork I’ve ever created! All in all, the amount of work I put in coupled with the numerous days I didn’t feel like working on anything made everything feel worth it in the end.