Having a side-project that I can call my own and call all the shots and experiment with in any way I can imagine is something that has been the sole driving factor that has enabled me to refine my skills as a well-rounded artist, designer, and entrepreneur. I started Eagle & Bison as a side project in late 2016 and over the years of it being a constant presence in my life, only recently in 2020 I decided to assume the identity of this project as a direct representation of myself and of my work.

Which is why, over the years of working on growing Eagle & Bison as an indie clothing shop and an outlet for my photography/videography/writing, it naturally evolved into a project where I can try anything I’ve ever wanted to experiment with for a brand. Since I don’t actively do any freelance design work for clients, I get my practice out of creating new logos and branding elements using the Eagle & Bison name. Also since I actively create and release physical and digital products, it enables me the luxury of learning first-hand all about marketing, advertising, and selling things to consumers.

What you will see below is a collection of various logos, monograms, branding elements, and samples of physical products I’ve created over the past couple of years. Everything you see below was directly created by myself.