This collection of retro band logos was created for a self-initiated project I worked on in 2018 called the Daily 365 where I created one new thing per day and had a different theme every single month.
This theme was, by far and large, the absolute most difficult theme I somehow managed to pull off during this whole project. I’ve been doing custom typography since 2008 and it was one of the styles I was most recognized for early on in my career as a designer. So when I had the idea to do something so ambitious as to essentially create band logos using my favorite bands’ names, I knew that it would be too much fun to pass up.
I started out by compiling a large list of the names of my favorite bands and narrowed everything down to 31 names. Next I took a name every day and modified the text and shapes to be completely customized using Illustrator, then brought it into Photoshop and worked some magic with colors, gradients, lighting effects, textures, etc… until finally I posted them to my Instagram (@raulativity) and tagged every band and band member.
This theme was probably my most popular one out of all of them. I attracted lots of attention and as a result I even became friendly with some of the very members of a few of my favorite bands!

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