In season five, Nandor feels his familiar (and sometimes friend) Guillermo slipping away as he seems to be spending much more time with Laszlo, whose skills as a gentleman scientist are put to the test as he tries to solve the mystery of the strange and very secret changes Guillermo is going through.

Nadja, suffering the effects of a previously-undiagnosed supernatural hex, reconnects with her family — or at least, a family — from the Old Country, Colin pursues the path of so many energy vampires before him by running for political office and The Guide tries to figure out where she fits in as the relative newcomer to this tightly-knit group who’ve known each other for centuries.

The largest part of the work I did for season 5 of What We Do In The Shadows was creating the media guide/press kit. Basically its a giant document/book that contains all of the information about the show, the season, the cast and their characters, the crew & production.

The main concept going in was a theme of vintage moon advertisements. I then was tasked with coming up with a couple of directions that would convey the overall theme and make it visually appealing while also maintaining the color palette and vibe of the series.

Round one was all about figuring out typography and textures and visual elements that would carry throughout the entire book. I developed icons for each of the main characters and utilized them on their respective pages and again began to narrow down the things that worked and cut out a lot of the things that did not work.

After doing lots of variations and exploring typography and visual elements, I began narrowing things down and started developing the look that ultimately became the final version. Below is the actual final version of the media guide that went out.

Another big part of the work I did that was probably more widely seen was the OOH campaign that contained billboards, transit shelters, bus ads and more that were put up all over Los Angeles in the weeks leading up to the premiere of season 5. I was tasked with using the amazing key art that was created by the agency "LA" and created various vertical and horizontal layouts.

This was so much fun to do because after I posted on my Instagram that I made these, a bunch f my friends from all over LA would see them as the went about their days and would snap a photo and send them to me!

Another thing I was tasked with shortly before the premiere was to create individual character cards utilizing the art and layouts I created for the media guide for each character that were posted on the official WWDITS Instagram account.

Also created a small batch of SDU banner ads that were posted in various locations online.

And finally I helped create the layout and placement of the new key art that was used on the shows detail page on Hulu.