The Los Angeles Type Project

Client: Myself

Field: Design / Print

Role: Designer

Year: 2014


Los Angeles is home to over 3.858 million people, including myself.

L.A. is the only city I’ve ever called home and to be honest, I think it will stay that way for a long time. I’ve learned so much from this city and I’m constantly inspired with the culture and city life in the downtown areas as well as the suburban areas. The history that lives in the streets from every era Los Angeles has seen is something I wish I could have experienced first-hand. But since that probably won’t ever happen, I’ve decided to look into the past and do some research about the history of Los Angeles through the eyes of a designer.

Typography is a huge part of any period in time and with Los Angeles being the entertainment capital of the world, you bet this city is rich in typography and design. Which is why I’ve designed a series of prints that symbolize some of the most iconic eras in Los Angeles history in terms of typography. Printed on 5” x 7” inch 140lb archival paper.

  • Los Angeles 70′s Metal

  • Los Angeles Speed

  • Los Angeles Disco

  • Hollywood Bold

  • Los Angeles Diamond

  • Los Angeles Circle

  • 818 Blend

  • Good Morning Los Angeles

  • Los Angeles Serif