Aetheraeon Clothing

Client: Myself

Field: Design / Branding

Role: Creative Director

Year: 2014


Aetheraeon is an independent clothing company from Los Angeles, CA based on the principles of ancient alchemy. I have been working on this project since November 2010. From the very start, the core idea has pretty much stayed the same. It is one of those once-in-a-lifetime projects where the ideas just flow and everything seems to fall into place.

Logos & Branding

Over the years I have created a countless number of designs and branding elements for Aetheraeon. Below are a few of those logo pieces.

Apparel & Accessories

The aspect that made Aetheraeon so fun to work on was designing all of the shirts and hoodies and accessories. So far there have been 2 major releases for Aetheraeon with the 3rd being released soon. Here are a select few from the Fall and Winter collections.

Website & Ecommerce Store

When I decided to bring back Aetheraeon Clothing, I had two major goals in mind; redesign the website to be as mobile-friendly as possible and to directly integrate an ecommerce engine within the same site. So after doing some research I decided on using WordPress with an amazing ecommerce plugin called WooCommerce and coded a completely custom theme from scratch using Foundation 5. Here are some screenshots that show the responsiveness of the site. Feel free to click the link below to check out the site for yourself.

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