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June Daily 365 Round-up + Free Mobile Backgrounds

June's theme was a really fun one. I got to do some great experiments with intricate symmetrical shapes and patterns using my LiveSymmetry for Adobe Illustrator tool I sell over on Creative Market. The fun part was mixing different patterns and layers to make unique designs.

Daily 365, Freebies, Updates

May Daily 365 Round-Up + Free Mobile Backgrounds

The theme I chose for May is probably my most favorite to date. It was so much fun to experiment with an art style I admired and appreciated very early on in my design career. Minimal typography is always something I enjoy doing and deciding to do a month long series of these kept me on my toes.

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Pokémon – A Metal Cover

It's no secret I'm a huge Pokémon fan. I don't hide it at all because I see no need to. Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood and it has stayed with me to this day.