New Year. New Site. New… Stuff

Alright, I have an admission of guilt to make. I’ve slacked off hardcore these past few years at actually updating and maintaining a site/portfolio/blog/shop. I especially slacked off on continuing to write and publish articles and tutorials like I used to on my main site.

AND THEN FOR SOME REASON I thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch of different sites to house the various creative outlets I enjoy working on. I managed to maintain and update them for a good while until I started slacking off on updating each of those as well. Then what was left were about 3-4 different blogs that all had different content and were left stale af and I was the only one to blame.

So after hating what became of my old portfolio site, I decided that I desperately needed a complete site redesign and I needed to consolidate all the content I had across all of the sites. I wanted it to be clean and easy to navigate, it needed to have a section for my actual portfolio, also a blog section with all of the old content from my previous site as well as all the content from the 3 other sites as well combined into one place.

What I ended up with is this awesome site you see here. If you follow me or my work at all then this site might look slightly familiar to you. It’s because its based off of the old design I used for the Esquivel Type Foundry website. I knew that I was going to do away with that site but I liked the design I made for it so much I decided that I was going to use it as a starting point and build everything from it.

I kept a few sections from the old site like the parts of the home page, the Fonts section, and the Blog area. I added in the Work section and a brand new About section and expanded on the home page to show more content from throughout the site. Overall I’m really happy with how it turned out and I’m super excited to finally get back to hopefully stick to my work and update it more regularly, since all the content I randomly updated across all the old sites now lives here, I have more freedom to experiment and post any sort of content you currently see here now.

Expect to see more random articles about design or the creative process, more photo stories or short videos and audio clips as well, more work-in-progress updates of fonts or designs I’m working on, or tutorials and stuff about music or science. I’m aiming to be able to have this site be a complete chronicling of every aspect of my creativity.