E3 2017 Vlog

Another year, another E3. Although this time around, it was quite different. Seeing as though this was the first year that E3 was actually open to the general public with 15,000 tickets being made available for those who were willing to shell out $250 for 3 days of playing the newest games that won’t come out for another few months.

E3, like last year, was free for me since I have an industry badge that gets automatically renewed each year (humble brag). So for a person like me that had the immense privilege to experience my first E3 last year back when it was an industry-only event felt a lot more magical in the sense that I was but a small fish in an ocean of industry elites.

This year, however, felt a lot less exclusive and more of a burden than last year. The whole vibe felt different since there were lots of general attendees that were obviously only there to fulfill their childhood dreams of going to E3. Much how I was last year. But in regards to that, it slowly felt like more of a regular convention than what I remember E3 being last year.

Maybe its just that the initial spark of excitement I had last year had faded and I was just hoping to capture the same sense of awe from the first time around only to slowly be let down by literally thousands of people walking shoulder to shoulder through the many booths scattered around the West and South halls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Yeah I’m pretty sure it was that.

Don’t get me wrong, all the games I saw were absolutely amazing and I’m super pumped for what the next few months will bring. But just the fact that there were SO MANY PEOPLE made the experience less than ideal. Lines to play any sort of game were ridiculously long and you literally would have to prepare to spend a good part of your day waiting in line if you wanted to try out Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch.

But aside from that really being my only complaint, I’d have to say that E3 was fun for what it was at heart. I got to go with my good friend Jose (remix10tails) and his cousin Steven (SCMowns). Lots of laughs were had and lots of new found motivation came from that event. So no doubt that this years E3 was definitely different but also turned out amazingly well.