New Releases

The Leonidas Font Collection Is Now Available!

After literally working on this font on-and-off for the past 3 months and re-creating it fully 4 times, I am finally happy to announce the release of my newest font, Leonidas!

The production of this Leonidas started fairly soon after I finished my last font, Legion, but definitely took way longer than expected. I originally started designing this font the same way I always do, in Adobe Illustrator and then when I had all the shapes created I usually move over to Fontlab Studio to turn it into a fully functional font.

So as I started working in Fontlab, I knew I wanted to add in all the diacritical marks for the extended latin characters. I read up on how to go about doing it in Fontlab and having the characters automatically generate once the anchors for each character was set in place. I tried to get everything and double-checked I was doing all the steps right but the extended latin characters just wouldn’t compile and generate.

My last resort was to create all the characters manually but I knew that was going to be a pain so I started looking for alternatives.

I had heard great things about another font making app called Glyphs and decided that now would be the perfect time to switch over and compile this font in that program instead. So after feeling defeated about creating the whole font in Fontlab and it not working the way it should, I took a couple weeks off and then got a copy of Glyphs and began learning the basics.

Right off the bat it corrected a ton of gripes I had with Fontlab such as a more intuitive layout and categorization of different character types and the ability to attach serifs to corners.

Initially I was going to do a full font family complete with around 5 weights ranging from Light all the way to Heavy and complete lowercase letters but pretty late in development I decided that in order to get the best version of this font out as soon as possible, I needed to cut back to only 1 weight and expand on it with layering.

So as I learned more and more about everything Glyphs could do, I began experimenting with shadows and creating an italic font style as well as a rough texturized version.

In the end, I ended up with 7 fonts in total, a normal serif version with and italic style, and a sans-serif version with an italic style, a rough style, a shadow font and a lined shadow font.

Seeing that this is my first font created with Glyphs, I expect that every subsequent font from here on out will be better than the last.

I hope you all enjoy using this font as much as I enjoyed making it!