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The Sounds of the Mineral Wells

One of my favorite locations to visit and spend time alone is the Mineral Wells deep inside Griffith Park. Its a small little area that is right next to the golf course. Its secluded enough that most people who come here are usually looking for the same thing; relaxation and silence.

The base of the Mineral Wells is mostly a host to hikers who use it as a starting point for their hikes. Many leave their cars parked in the small parking lot and go about their hike, leaving many people who only go there to hang at the park, such as myself, to struggle to find parking along the main road.

On my visit, I came mainly to test out my newly purchased motorized camera slider and record some footage. While I was there, a few people walked by on occasion but overall it was a pretty quiet day that allowed me to roam around freely placing my camera slider down and record footage without feeling like I was silently being judged by random people.