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The Foliage of Wildwood Canyon

One of my favorite local places to head to in the Valley when I need to relax and spend time in nature is Wildwood Canyon. Its a nice secluded hiking trail located in the hills of Burbank.

I’ll be the first to admit that every time I come here, I don’t exactly come to do any hiking. I mostly like to drive up and find a nice bench to sit and relax and take photos or videos of the plant life. Or really just sit in the eerily quietness you experience while up there.

The fact that you’re so far removed from the hustling sounds of the city that is less than a 5 minute car drive away, you really do start to wonder how can a place be this quiet. Save for the occasional hikers walking past that you can hear from a good distance away or the few cars that casually drive up and down the narrow road. Everything here is pretty relaxed and calm.