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Pokémon – A Metal Cover

It’s no secret I’m a huge Pokémon fan. I don’t hide it at all because I see no need to. Pokémon was a huge part of my childhood and it has stayed with me to this day. I’ve been hooked ever since my parents bought me a Gameboy Color and a copy of Pokémon Blue when I was 6 years old. My most fondest childhood memories were that of me and my pals playing and trading Pokémon cards in secret during school hours since it was banned on campus. We did get in trouble a lot when we’d get caught but we didn’t care. We did it anyway because we all had a genuine passion for Pokémon.

But I digress. I have an instrumental metalcore project called I Am The Galaxy where I occasionally make metal covers of songs I like or that are popular. I’ve actually been playing with the idea of doing a metal cover of the original Pokémon theme song for a few months. I knew I wanted to do it someday but the thing that really pushed over the edge to do it was I recently found the first 2 seasons of the original anime on Netflix. So I spent about 2 weeks binge watching all 100 episodes averaging about 6 per day after I got home from work. And after hearing the intro song before every episode, it got so stuck in my head that I knew I needed to work on this cover as soon as possible.

So before every episode started, I grabbed my guitar and played along to the intro and started figuring some rough ideas for how I wanted the track to feel and sound. Once I got to the point that I wanted to start laying down some rough guide tracks, it all started coming together.

The thing that can make or break any metal cover I do is having a solid and interesting drum track. Now, a lot of you may know that I am in no way a drummer at all, but I can tell you that I TEAR IT UP on the keyboard drums. Its a bit weird and unconventional way of recording drums but it works for me and thats how I’ve recorded all the drum tracks on every one of my songs for the past 4 years. Its a system that works for me :]

After the drums were recorded, I started laying down a rough rhythm guitar track. Then recorded a bass track that beefed it up a lot. Once those tracks were in place, I had to learn the main vocal melody and the harmonies on guitar. It took a few takes to get them sounding right but in the end, it was time well spent.

One of the last things I had to record was the solo thats about near the end kinda. I was scared about learning it because I have never been good at learning solos. I have to slow them down by more than 50% at times to even get the picking and fret patterns synced. But what I found was that this solo was rather easy to learn. In about 10-15 minutes I learned it, played it a bunch of times and ended up with a final recording of it. So that was pretty awesome!

After all the parts were finally done and recorded, I spent a few hours mixing and mastering it, adjusting the EQ and designing artwork for it. And now, after many months of planning and about a week’s worth of recording and editing, I now present you my Pokémon Metal Cover!