Design, Process

When Dark Skies Roar Time-lapse

A lot of you may know I’m super into retro looking typography stuff. That’s pretty much how I’ve made a name for myself. A thing I learned early on in my career was how to make super custom, retro-looking, typography pieces. Which was totally awesome because obviously, being a fan of that style meant that I progressed enough and became skilled enough that I could design things in that style.

With that being said, here is something I’ve always wanted to do. Lots of people ask me how I do those custom typography pieces. And really, I don’t know what to say to them. The circumstances that arise when you work with type and trying to make the shapes blend and intersect or overlap varies from piece to piece. Depending on what letters are being used in the piece, one cannot really even begin to predict what the end result would look like without going straight into it and experimenting with what letter can work well with others.

So in short, I made a video screen cast of me doing one of my custom typography pieces from scratch. Obviously its sped up like crazy but doing things like these is a long process. This video is pretty much 47 minutes worth of time compressed down to about 5 minutes. And that’s not even including the time it took to stylize the piece in Photoshop like how you see above. Anyway,I hope this video gives you insight as to the process I go through when I make these pieces. If you’re into typography at all, I suggest you try making a piece similar to this one. They are incredibly fun to make. Hope you enjoy this!