Versus/Verses Vol.1 – Disco Rock

Saturday, Apr 05, 2014

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Music is a big part of my creative flow. If you ask any working designer or developer in my field if they listen to music while they work, chances are they will say yes. Ever since Spotify came to the United States a few years ago, my taste in music has dramatically increased. I spend a good portion of my time on Spotify browsing for new music and artists that are similar to ones I like. And as a result, I’ve found lots of great bands that play well together.

And that is where that gigantic title thing up above comes into play. Versus/Verses is a new curated music series I’ve created where I share the playlists I listen to on rotation on a daily basis. This music helps me get in the zone and get serious work done. Now since I have a wide taste in music, I’ve decided to curate a bunch of playlists in different genres in the hopes that everyone could find something they like.

If you have a Spotify account, feel free to check this playlist out. More will be coming soon!