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Quick Tips #1

Do you like learning things? You do? Great! Because I enjoy teaching people things. Which is why I’m starting this new post series called Quick Tips. They can be about pretty much anything really. Anything from technology, to design, to life, productivity, food. I don’t know! I’ve made this as broad as I could so that anything can be covered. Each of these tips are made to be brief, informative, useful, and cool-ish-y. So without anymore unnecessary introductions, I present to you, the first Quick Tip!!


I’m a huge advocate of education. But primarily the kind that’s free (or very cheap) and easily accessible. I’m talking about the internet here folks. You can find lots and lots of great education resources online if you just do a little bit of research. BUT, since these are Quick Tips, I’m going to cut out the searching for all you lazy people out there and provide you with some links you can check out for yourself. See, aren’t I nice?

This site is mostly for learning about things relating to areas within and around the creative industry. Classes are taught by some of the most respected people in the industry and they set up classes to teach you their techniques in a direct and effective way.
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iTunes U
Probably the most important item on this list. iTune U is a hidden little gem inside the iTunes and iOS ecosystem and its a shame more people don’t know about it. You can literally take classes from THE TOP UNIVERSITIES and its all free! Anything from Art History to Mathematics, Business, Law, Biology, French, Political Science. It’s all there and its awesome.
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I’ve been a user of the Tuts+ network for almost as long as I’ve been a designer. This site has grown an incredible amount since the beginning when it was only known as PSDtuts. In the years since then, they’ve expanded to other areas of interest and creative outlets to cover music production, web design, mobile app development, 3D motion graphics, and even photography. Most of the tutorials are free but there is a subscription model you can sign up for that gives you access to all the premium tutorials and source files most of them use for each tutorial.
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The Saylor Academy
I recently just discovered this one about a month ago and its probably my favorite. The Saylor Academy is pretty neat in that it has lots of classes that directly relate to most classes you’d be learning in a university. In a way its similar to iTunes U in terms of content and class diversity but this one probably outshines iTunes U because of the quality and curation of the classes which are available. Definitely worth checking out.
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Probably one of the best kept secret around. Well, at least for me. Not sure how long this sites been around but its absolutely worth looking through and watching some videos if you’re into digital painting. A great site thats easy to navigate through.
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