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I Love Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the only place I’ve ever called home. Never lived in any other city or any other state. I’ve never really even traveled much outside of L.A. only until recently. That being said, I still feel as foreign and new to most of the city. You see, I have this problem. And that problem is I don’t get out of my comfort zone all that much. For a person who has lived in L.A. for 23 years, it’s sad to admit there are still regular old places that most residents and even tourists go to/have gone to that I have never been to or stepped foot in. I need to see the city. The idea of living here is something most people dream about. To see the Hollywood strip at night or travel to various landmarks in and around the city. That something I have the options and ease of accessibility to do BUT I DON’T DO IT!

But I will give myself some credit though. Lately I have been aware of this fact more than ever and am making a conscious effort to see things I want to see, go places I want to go, and do things I want to do. While most times, I complain about people giving me shit about why I’ve never done this or been to this place or seen this place, I actually take those comments to heart because I know its true. I am a horrible Angeleno. I am an introvert in the most extroverted sense; I don’t go to the places I want to go, but I know I sure as hell want to someday, eventually, maybe.

One way I have been sort of paying homage to this amazing city is by turning to the only thing I know, and that’s making cool looking shit. Lately I’ve been making lots of designs and lettering pieces that are inspired by L.A. and the vibe it gives off in hopes that I would finally inspire myself enough to get away from my computer and go do typical L.A. things either alone, or with some buddies. Here are a few of the designs I’ve worked on over the past couple of weeks.