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Monday, Feb 24, 2014

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After a few weeks of nonstop work on my behalf, and my friend, Juan Acevedo, we are super excited to finally launch our new co-owned design studio and type foundry named The Aeasea Design Co. & Type Foundry. As you may recall, I recently separated my digital goods (fonts, vector assets, etc…) from my physical goods (prints, other new stuff I have yet to announce.) and opened up an online store on Creative Market. Well after I spent some time thinking and I decided that I wanted to get serious about making design assets and resources but I knew I would need some help because I couldn’t so it all alone. So I called up my buddy Juan one day and asked him if he wanted to start up a design company with me and he of course said yes.

So we immediately got to work and set up a game-plan and started building up everything. I took care of the branding and site development, and he took care of making a large library of design assets that we will slowly release as the weeks go by. Once we had everything ready to go, I flipped the switch early Sunday afternoon and The Aeasea Design Co. & Type Foundry was born! I’m super excited with the new stuff we’ve got planned. We’re going to be releasing some new brushes and vector shapes this week and I’m already working on the next typeface.

I hope you check us out. Hopefully you may like something we have in our store.

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