The Build Up // The Break Down


So here is a new design piece I worked on yesterday. I pretty much started out with a circle and then just went crazy with more shapes, layer styles, blending modes, layer masks, and adjustment layers. Overall it was a fun exploratory piece to work on since I really had no direction whatsoever.


The Build Up
A course of action not seen since the beginning of time. A new direction for human-kind as it approaches the dawn of a new millenia. A pre-requisite of exploration. An acknowledgement of time. An appreciation of the vastness and immense power that lies within the Universe and within us all. An inevitable source of light and inspiration for a generation reborn.

The Break Down
A quiet storm of injustice. A suspect of treason hiding amongst shadows. Showing no signs of trust and integrity in its foundation. Built upon the theory of tyrants and martyrs. A sweeping cloud of uncertainty that blankets the uprising followers of potential leaders. Pushing them down towards a fate worse than mediocrity and failure.